Integrated Care Pathway (ICP)

What is the Integrated Care Pathway?

Integrated Care Pathways (ICP) is ACC’s provider-led service delivery model that is designed in partnership with the health sector.  It puts the patient at the centre of their recovery and brings together an interdisciplinary team of health providers to support the patient with their recovery journey. 

Who do we work with?

Hornby Physiotherapy Clinic work with two providers who hold the ICP contract. This means that our patients can access the interdisciplinary model while continuing to have their physiotherapy needs met locally and by their usual treating physiotherapist.

Our two providers are Active Health and Habit Health.

What criteria allows you to enrol in the ICP?

ICP has been designed for patients needing more integrated, specialised and coordinated treatment.  

The client must meet the following criteria

  • have suffered a musculoskeletal injury in the lower back, shoulder, and knee regions that may require surgery
  • had the injury within the last 12 months at time of referral 
  • patient’s recovery requires interdisciplinary treatment
  • accepted cover for an injury to a body site within the scope of ICPMSK
  • intends to reside in Aotearoa New Zealand for the duration of the pathway


Who refers you into the pathway?

Either your physiotherapist or GP can refer you into the pathway. You can continue normal physiotherapy treatment while your claim is assessed and a decision is made to accept you onto the ICP.

Please enquire with your treating physiotherapist if you think you are eligible for this pathway.